Titan Browser

Titan Web Browser is a new, fast, secure and anonymous web browser. We have partnered with Yahoo to provide a fast, lite and secure web browser with security and privacy. Titan browser doesn't allow any toolbar or Add-ons to be install, protecting you from potential threats and inappropriate content.

Find What You Seek

Titan browser provides highly elevant results via our partnership with leading providers such as Bing and Yahoo.

Search Guardian

Titan Browser will protect you and warn you about sites which are known to host malware or adult content. We are constantly scanning the internet and adding site warnings for your protection

Anonymous Search

Do you feel like someone is looking over your shoulder? Relax, unlike other Web browsers providers TitanTuner does not track your searches and will never retain or sell your data.

Titan browser specializes in software and services for optimizing personal computing experience, speed and security.


Titan Web Browser protects you by not allowing to install web apps, themes and extensions.

Get Zero Malware

Browse fast and Secure in to take your web with you on your computer, relax, zero malware.

Super Speed

Titan is one safe place for all your fast web surffing. Upload and Download your files anywhere almost race car speed.